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The visit of Iraqi delegation from UAST

The visit of Iraqi delegation from UAST Prof. S. Taha, Deputy for Scientific and International Affairs in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq paid a visit to UAST. Iraqi delegation met Prof. M.H. Omid, President of UAST and Prof. O. B. Haddad, Vice President for Research and Technology. During the meeting, both sides presented a detail report from their scientific and International activities. Prof. Omid emphasized on Applied and Vocational studies in Iran and its importance in national developments. He pointed out that 50 percent of affiliated institutes to UAST belong to private sector and the remaining 50 percent are administered by government which focus on industry, agriculture, public works and art. He also added that the main human resources being educated by UAST include technicians and vocational experts receiving BSc. Degree. Prof. Taha referred to existence of similar studies to UAST in Iraq. He expressed the interest of linking UAST with technical universities of Polytechnics in Iraq. He addressed the willingness of his authorities to sign MOU with UAST. He also referred to the potential of UAST and its inter-relationship through the exchange of academicians and students. He deplored the opportunities of bi-lateral seminars, conferences and round table discussions which would be organized by the staff of both sides. In the end, Prof. Omid concluded the possibilities of signing MOU and initiating scientific collaboration between UAST and Iraqi universities to enhance vocational studies.

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